Sport is to play in a happy and lively way. There are a lot of sports which can be taken
up ranging from outdoor sports like tennis, football, rugby etc to indoor sports like
table tennis, chess and many more.

Sports are vital for the well being of an individual because they offer us a change
from the monotony of our day to day life. This website, as
its name suggests, is the go to guide for all the female surfers and sports enthusiasts.

Sports can be played at a professional level or even taken up as a hobby. This website
provides all the information which a beginner would require to explore the world of
sports. It provides information not just about the background of the sport and its
requirements but also about all the places which are best suited for this sport.

It provides the necessary information to keep a sports enthusiast sated. Because
sports are not just about the games involved it is a way of life. Each and every one of
us would be involved in sports since we were children, some might have taken it up
in a professional way and for others it would just be a hobby.

The life of a surfer is not just about the tanned look, bleached blonde hair and
overuse of the word “dude”. Typically this sport is dominated by men but this doesn’t
mean that women haven’t entered this arena.

Some of the notable British female surfers are Keisha Eyre, Lucy Campbell, Emily
Currie and Tassy Swallow. They have creating a firm footing for women in a
predominantly male sport and have been successful in doing so. Easkey Britton, a
former Irish Surfing Champion has been teaching women to surf in Iran, which is
quite an achievement. Layne Beachley who is the winner of 7 world championships is
amongst the few women surfers who have been invited to compete in a men’s surfing

This website aims at increasing the participation of women in sports in general. It
aims to provide all the necessary information about a certain sport and also helps the
readers get acclimatized to a certain sport. United Kingdom is the birth place for a
variety of sports like tennis, badminton, hockey, squash, cricket, table tennis, golf,
billiards, darts, rugby and snooker.

National teams, governing bodies and domestic competitions were all formed for
these sports right in their budding stage. The enthusiasm and the keen interest
showcased by the people of UK makes sports seem almost like a religion. UK being
the birthplace of a variety of sports there is a natural inclination for people residing
here to take an active part in sports. To know more about the different sports that are
played in the UK, click on the link.

This website is the ultimate go to guide for all the sports enthusiasts who would like
to keep in tune with the recent developments in the field of sports, latest news, and
articles relating to sports and also help the beginners take their first steps towards a
sport of their choice. When it comes to any kind of sport, nutrition plays an
absolutely important role. After all food and nutrition is related almost every aspect
of our wellbeing. Since sportsperson burn more energy, it is important they pay
optimum attention to their nutrition. Click on this page for possible information on